How to Demo Cognos Mobile on a Projector

How to Demo Cognos Mobile on a Projector

Are you looking to roll out a mobile solution to your organization but are facing the challenge of how you train a large number of people simultaneously? Have you tried using the the best outdoor projectors indoors, only to find that they are not suited to train large amounts indoors. Well, the solution is quite simple for IBM Cognos Mobile. Demo Cognos Mobile There’s a product called Reflector that you should give a look. Reflector allows you to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone onto your computer for group presentations or business meetings.  It is, indeed, easy to mirror your IBM Cognos Mobile App so you can present your new mobile dashboards to a room or people or web meeting.

Reflector is an AirPlay receiver that accepts wireless mirroring and streaming connections. It uses technology that is built into your computer, iPad, iPod or iPhone to wirelessly display content. As far as what's under the hood, it works much like an Apple TV or Roku. There's no complicated set up or need for adapters and wires that will look like a jungle. Once installed, simply connect your device and mirroring begins.

I highly recommend Reflector for any IBM Cognos Developers that want to demo their mobile solutions to users.

You can find it at and try it out.  The full version costs about $13.00.