Future of Query and Analysis Studio, Time for Workspace Advanced?

​Future of Query & Analysis Studio, Time for Workspace Advanced Training?

Future of Query and Analysis Studio solved - The solution to address your needs is IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced. You probably own Workspace Advanced and you may just need some training on it. Lodestar Solutions will be hosting a 2 day classroom or virtual instructor led training class. The current schedule is listed on the Lodestar Solutions events page.

Future of Query and Analysis Studio
Attention all IBM Cognos Query Studio and Analysis Studio Users. The future of query studio and analysis studio in dim! Start thinking about Cognos Workspace Advanced as IBM announced Cognos Query Studio and Cognos Analysis Studio are being deprecated/will sunset. This essentially means they are going away with the next release (after Cognos BI 10.2.2). IBM FAQ on Deprecation of Cognos Query and Analysis Studio (Must Read)

What is Cognos Workspace Advanced?

Cognos Workspace Advanced brings together Query Studio, Analysis Studio, and Report Studio Express feathers...all in one place. IBM Video on Workspace Advanced

If you are a legacy IBM Cognos 8.x user, you can continue to use your queries from IBM Cognos BI8.x in IBM Cognos BI v10.x so you shouldn't have to rebuild everything you have. However, Lodestar Solutions recommends that you get prepared now. If you are on Cognos BI 10, you already have Workspace Advanced, so it's time to use it. It can create amazing dashboards and allow users to become less dependent on the BI team which will free you up.

Curious which of your IBM Cognos users have rights to Cognos Workspace Advanced?

All of your Cognos Business Analytics users, Cognos Business Analytics Explorers and Cognos Business Analytics Admins have rights to Workspace Advance. If you are on the current licensing structure, that's almost everyone! "But I still have Cognos Consumer licenses...so what about them?" Sorry...they do not have the rights to Cognos Workspace Advanced, however, with a simple trade-up, your Cognos BI Consumer can become Cognos Business Analytic user. Email Sales@LodestarSolutions.com for more info on licensing and trade-ups.

Call to Action:

  1. Lodestar Solutions recommends you take the 2 day training class and learn the tricks of Cognos Workspace Advanced. https://lodestarsolutions.com/calendar/
  2. Demonstrate Cognos Workspace Advanced to your user community. Lodestar Solutions has a video on our YouTube channel that will give you tips on how to give a software demo. How to give a software Demo - Lodestar Solutions

Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation

With BI 10.2.2’s release, IBM announced Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation

Now that Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation has been announced, what should you do?  In software, deprecated typically means the software features remains in the software but it is recommended you discontinue use because the feature will be removed in the future. Features are deprecated rather than immediately removed to allow users some time to adjust. 

Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation
Cognos Analysis Query Studio Deprecation

So what IBM is telling you is that it’s time to migrate your users from being reliant on Cognos Query Studio or Analysis Studio to using Cognos Workspace Advanced.  A great way to accomplish this is to teach them how to use Cognos Insight which is the desktop personal analytics solution that comes with many of the IBM Cognos licenses. Cognos Insight is a lightweight version of TM1 and BI all rolled up into one.

If you need help creating the plan to educate your users on Cognos Workspace… Lodestar Solutions is here to help.

• Lodestar can create a customized training programs that can be recorded to train the masses.
• Lodestar offers a free Cognos Insight workshop which you can host for your users.

Lodestar also offers training on Workspace and Workspace Advanced to minimize the risk of Query and Analysis Studio going away in future releases.​​

Call Lodestar Solutions To Create Your Plan.

There are other features that IBM deprecated. Support for the following features and products will not be continued after the 10.2.2 release:
• Cognos Query Studio
• Cognos Analysis Studio
• OLAP data sources with Compatible Query Mode (CQM), with the exception of Power® Cubes
• All 32-bit platforms
• Support for Cognos Mobile native client on Blackberry Server

REF: www.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?infotype=an&subtype=ca&appname=gpateam&supplier=760&letternum=ENUSJP14-0536

Call 813-254-2040 or email Services@LodestarSolutions.com

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How to Test Cognos Framework Manager Models with Query Studio

There has been a paradigm shift in how business users receive their information.  Not too long ago, if the business needed data to answer a critical question, they would call IT, submit a formal request for a report to be written, and wait.  The timeframe from when the request was queued to when it was delivered used to take weeks.  Through lost opportunities and poor decisions based on old data, businesses quickly realized how expensive this process was. Enter IBM Cognos and Query Studio.  Today I'm going to write about steps to take to Test Cognos Framework Manager Models in query studio.

Today, IBM Cognos BI Studio allows the business users to query and report from the data directly, providing timely information to decision makers and alleviating IT resources.  However, many organizations still struggle with this transition.  Although Cognos can put more control into the business users’ hands, IT still plays a critical role.  It is now the job of IT to build and provide user friendly models and packages.  This includes building packages with proper business terminology and ensuring that all query items displayed are confirmed and produce expected results.

It is easy to spot a company that has gone from a culture heavily dependent on IT to produce BI and one that has not properly UAT’d their models and packages before rolling them out to production.

The best place to UAT your models and packages is in Query Studio.  This will allow you to ask some very basic, but important, questions.  Can business users easily find the data items they need?  Do the relationships built in Framework Manager produce expected results?  Is all the data necessary to answer the business questions available?

Additionally, Query Studio is simple to understand and learn.  Business users only need a 30-minute training before they are able to create simple list and crosstab reports.  Although it is a good idea to develop test scripts, it is also recommended that business users are encouraged to try to recreate reports already being used, or build queries to answers common questions.

For more information about Query Studio or other IBM Cognos software, contact us at Sales@LodestarSolutions.com.

The Difference Between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise

The Difference Between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise

IBM Cognos has two offerings for organizations looking for a complete Performance Management solution. One is IBM Cognos Enterprise Solutions and the other is Cognos Express. If you are looking for the power IBM offers, you may have some questions about what is the difference between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise.

So, we thought we would take a moment to walk through some of the differences. Note with each new release this information will change. IBM is expected to release a new Cognos Express version in the very near future and we will write again on Express once it’s released. As for now, IBM Cognos Express is positioned as the mid-market solution from IBM however, large companies can purchase it.

Cognos Express offers integrated modules for query, reporting, analysis, visualization, dashboarding and planning. Once installed, the product essentially creates a local data mart (via TM1) behind the scenes.

The biggest difference between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise is the number of users.

Express product supports a maximum of 100 users running a single server. Originally IBM had four modules in Cognos Express: Reporter, Advisor, Xcelerator, and Planner. Over the years, they simplified the licensing. In Express you can invest in Performance Management (TM1) or Business Intelligence, or both. Below is an older comparison to help you translate the old license to the Enterprise licenses. For the latest information on the differences between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise check out our most recent Cognos Express comparison blog.

Cognos Express LicensesClosest Comparable Cognos Enterprise Studios
ReporterReport Studio & Query Studio
AdvisorAnalysis Studio
XceleratorTM1 Modeler
PlannerTM1 Contributor
CompleteReport Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, TM1 Modeler, TM1 Contributor

The biggest difference between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise is clearly the price. As of this posting, Cognos 10 Enterprise has a lot of new functionality that is not available in Cognos Express. Functionality like mobility, Business Insight, Active Reports and Metric Studio is missing. My recommendation is that you evaluate your business requirements and explore how both options meet your needs. Consider your expected growth. Make sure you will not out grow IBM Cognos Express too quickly and you will have to upgrade to Enterprise. Both offerings provide powerful Performance Management solutions, but check it out for yourself. Lodestar Solutions would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the differences between Cognos Express and Cognos Enterprise.

Link to Latest Version of Cognos BI

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