IBM Cognos Analytics Release 8 is Available Now!


IBM Cognos Analytics release 8 was made available to download on Friday, Nov 3, 2017.   This release adds a number of small but significant enhancements and addresses some of the Requests for Enhancements (RFE) from IBM customers.  You can provide RFE's for IBM to consider by clicking this link for IBM DeveloperWorks.  Below you will find a list of enhancements in release 8.  Need a refresher about the R7 release?   You can read that here - Cognos Analytics R7 Blog.

Reporting Administration Enhancements

  • Allows you to set the options of the report default to view, run or edit.
Cognos Analytics Release 8
Cognos Analytics Release 8

Data Module Enhancements

  • This may not mean a lot with smaller models, but will become important with larger models.
Cognos Analytics Release 8

Data Set Enhancements

  • Allows creation of data sets without querying the data source until you are ready.  The result is a more efficient build.

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