TM1 Period to Date Dimensions

As Business Analytics coaches for Lodestar Solutions, we come across questions that are asked of us by our clients. A common question is about TM1 period to date dimensions. There are many times when  data needs to be seen on a Period to Date basis, such as quarter-to-date and year-to-date.  Creating additional rollups in your time dimension can be cumbersome.  An easy way to tackle this is to have a Period to Date dimension in your cube.  I usually call this dimension MQY or XTD if I have more than Month, Quarter and Year calculations.

Period to Date in a TM1 cube:

TM1 Period to Date
Period to date dimensions

The rule behind the calculation is written as such:


And the attributes of the time dimension Months are:

TM1 Period to Date
Period to date dimensions 2

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Cognos Planning Collapsing Dimensions

If you have ever moved older models from IBM Cognos Planning to a new release, you may not have noticed the “Expand and Collapse” functionality which was added a few versions ago.  Maybe older clients did not experience it because it’s only available if the dlist fits the rules for expand and collapse.

The rules for expand and collapse are:
• The dimension must not be a time dimension.
• The dimension’s items must all be detail or simple sums.
• Do not use weighted or time averages.
• Do not use the Force to Zero calculation option.
• Priorities can only be 0 or 10.
• Do not use any formatting.

So, if you have formation or force to zero options on the dlist, which is often the case, the collapsing functionality will not appear in Contributor.

In the rare event your dlist meets all the rules above and you don’t want the collapse function, which will reorder your dlist items in Contributor, the solution is simple:  Put a format on one of the dlist items and sync and GTP.  It will eliminate the collapsing functionality.

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