Secrets To How To Be Productive With Business Intelligence

how to be productive with business intelligence

Do you ever wonder where your time goes? You have a list of goals and strategic BI projects but you always seem to run out of time in the day. Maybe you have fabulous ideas on how your organization could better leverage data and business intelligence but you can never seem to get around to them. Maybe you have built some cool dashboards but the end users haven’t embraced them. You know you need to sit down with them and train them but when? Would you benefit from some tips on how to be productive with business intelligence and analytics projects? (Click the above image to watch the time saving tips video)

I used to live a life where I felt like I was always firefighting. I had plans to make a big impact in the organization but instead I found myself just barely getting the regular work done.  Spending hours having the same conversation with different people over and over again is not my cup of tea. I was frustrated, bored, and unfulfilled. It was frustrating having no time to analyze data and make the big impact I knew I could. There was an absolute need for me to become more scalable. In my search, I discovered a game changing tip for how to be productive with business intelligence and analytics projects.

How to be productive with Business Intelligence & Analytic Projects - RECORDINGS!

If I could record the information that I found myself repeating over and over again, I could regain hours in my week. I started playing with different recording software. I downloaded a trial copy of Camtasia from TechSmith.

how to be productive with business intelligence

It was so easy to use. I then started thinking about other ways I could use recordings so I could find more time for business intelligence and analytics projects. I scribbled down all the areas that I could leverage recordings and videos:

  • Training End Users
  • Recording Important Meetings
  • Pitching New Ideas/Demonstrations
  • Documenting Models

I started to get excited! If I could save myself even a few hours a week, I could carve out time for other things like automating processes which would give me even more time back. I would have more time for business intelligence and analytics projects.

I became obsessed with recording meetings and processes. The results were AMAZING!  I became more scalable.  Team members had the training they needed and I didn't spend hours training them (see our Increase Your ROI While Decreasing Training Costs blog). I stopped having the same conversation over and over again as well as having up-to-date documentation of systems, models, and processes so tasks could be delegated. In addition, keeping people updated even when they missed meetings was HUGE! Finally, people started noticing my increased productivity.

how to be productive with business intelligence

Most of all, I felt more fulfilled in my job. As a business analytics coach, I now have more time for the fun and creative projects that would help take the organization to the next level. 

It's time to get scalable for business intelligence!

Find out if your company has Camtasia or a similar recording/editing tool.  Check out this Top 10 Free Screen Capturing Software blog which recommends some competitors to Camtasia as well. Do you want to know what tools we use at Lodestar Solutions along with Camtasia?  Check out our Leveraging Videos For BI Training Of End User? (What We Use) blog.  We suggest getting a copy of software and start practicing making recordings. If you'd like a to test drive, check out Camtasia's trial copy.

Make a list of things you do repeatedly like teaching end users and monthly processes that you could record and delegate. Don’t worry. The recordings don’t have to be perfect they just need to help you get your time back!

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