Prepare for Consultant Visit and Maximize Their Time

You are all excited about learning and implementing your new software package.  You’ve done the “meet and greet” with your sales and service teams and are looking forward to this new relationship.  You’ve now scheduled for your consultant to be on-site to assist your eager team.  Read on for 10 keys to prepare for your consultant visit.

Just like when you prepare to have guests stay over your house, you should prepare for guests to be in your office.  Waiting for the last minute or thinking someone else on your team already took care of it never really pans out.  Sure, we can monkey around and muddle through the challenges, but the wasted time is longer than the preparation time involved.

10 Keys for Business Hosting:

  • Reserved Space
    • Room large enough for the group and/or desk area for the consultant(s).  This should be item #1 on the list and done well in advance.
  • Projectors, Whiteboards, Easel pads, etc.
    • Do not just assume they come “standard” in a conference room or that they will still be in the conference room when you need them.
  • Extension cords, power strips, data cords
    • Many times we arrive on-site and the conference room is set up with one outlet on the far side of the room and then it is a scramble to find someone in IT that can help.
  • Phone and/or conference call service
    • Verify that the phone works in the room too, as cell phone connections can be poor in many offices.
    • Check to make sure that it not only works, but that you can dial out if you will be having people accessing remotely.
    • If you cannot dial out, then plan for some type of IP voice service (ie Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting) and make sure that IT does not block you from accessing these types of sites.
    • Know the phone number of the room in case someone needs to call in.
  • Internet and data connection
    • Test this prior to consultant’s arrival.
    • Make sure that your consultant is given internet access, as it may be necessary for researching an issue or contacting a teammate for assistance.
  • Installation of software
    • Verify that this has been completed and tested by all who need to access it.
  • Remote server access
    • Whether it is the server your software sits on or the training environment, make sure that you have tested connectivity.  IT is famous for locking down access.
  • Security access
    • Try as best as you can to forward any paperwork that our consultants need to fill out.
    • We understand that most IT departments do not want to finalize access until consultants arrive, but if most of the leg work is done ahead of time and IT is prepared, the process is much smoother.
  • Contact person
    • Plan for who will be allowing consultant in/out of building and provide detailed location and building access information.
  • Travel guidance
    • Please provide information regarding any accommodation requirements that are specific to your company.
    • If you are fine with our consultants making their own arrangements, helpful suggestions for hotel and dining accommodations are always appreciated.