How to Kill a TM1 Operation – TM1 Top

​How do I kill a TM1 operation

The TM1 Top utility enables you to dynamically monitor the threads/operations running in an instance of the TM1 server and kill a TM1 operation

TM1 Top is a stand-alone utility that runs within a console (command) window on a Microsoft Windows system. It is designed to make minimal demands on the TM1 server and the supporting network and system.

With the exception of a user-initiated login process, TM1 Top does not use any cube or dimension resources in the TM1 server, and does not use or interact with the data or locks on the TM1 server.

You must have TM1 Top running on the TM1 Server (See IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Guide)

1. Launch TM1 Top

2. In the CMD Line in the upper right corner type V for Verify

how to kill a tm1 operation

Verify Displays a user name and password prompt so a TM1 administrator can log into the current session of TM1 Top and enter commands to cancel processing in other threads.

Verify Admin Access
Admin User Name:
Admin User name is Admin

The following prompt displays:
Verify Admin Access
Admin Password:

Password is blank
The following confirmation displays:
Admin access verified
Press any key to continue:

Type a C in the CMD Line to Cancel processing in another thread.

Note: Before using the Cancel command, an administrator must first log into the current session of TM1 Top by using the V (Verify) command./>.

The following prompt displays:
Cancel processing of a thread

Enter the Thread number for the line you want to kill.

how to kill a tm1 operation

You can only kill threads in run or wait state.
• Threads in a Run state - TM1 can cancel only threads with a state of Run that are running functions involving either TI processing, constructing a view, or calculating a view.
• Threads in a Wait state - Any thread that in a Wait state can be cancelled.

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