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Emotional Decision MakingThink about it. You make thousands of decisions each day but have you ever really thought about the process behind how you made that decision? Every decision you make is based on emotion. From the breakfast you eat to how fast/slow you drive to work to putting off that meeting with Sally Herfinerbler because you know she’s going to ask a question you’re not ready to answer. You CHOSE to eat a banana & yogurt because you FEEL that it would help you lose weight which will make you happy. You CHOSE to drive exactly the speed limit because want to avoid the FEELING of embarrassment for being pulled over and receiving another speeding ticket. You CHOSE to put off that meeting because of the FEELING you’ll get when Sally asks you that question.  It can be boiled down to basic human nature: either you want to avoid PAIN or gain PLEASURE from making that particular decision.

So how can we apply this to business? Well, if you can control those emotions when making a decision and think as rationally and logically as possible, you’ll more than likely have more clarity into that decision making process as opposed to making rash choices. Sounds pretty simple but everyone’s guilty of it. Also, if you are looking to persuade someone else to make a decision, you should understand how emotional that person would be in their decision making process or how logical they tend to be. You can then guide them so that when it’s time to make that decision, they will be more apt to lean towards your idea. You can close with an emotionally charged appeal which may tip the scales in your favor.

Combine this thinking with the 6 human needs (Certainty, Variety, Growth, Significance, Love/Connection, Contribution – explained by Tony Robbins at TED Conference) and you have a powerful way to communicate and/or persuade individuals in their decision making.

Lodestar Solutions will Unleash the Power Within

Lodestar Solutions will Unleash the Power Within

Recently, some members of the Lodestar Solutions team went to Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to give you my take on the 4-day event.  I’m not going to go into great detail, but I’d like to give you a quick impression of what the event is about.

Day 1 starts with check-in at the convention center and you can sense that people are very excited about the event starting.  Around 1 PM, people are starting to be let in and, quite frankly, it seems like a sporting event or concert.  Everyone is cheering and ready to go.  Music goes on and, shortly thereafter, Tony Robbins is on stage and the place is rocking!   As we get into the meat and potatoes of Day 1, we do a number of different exercises that turn fear into power and the day comes to an end well after midnight with a fire walk.  Yes, everyone who wants to will walk on hot coals up to 2,200 degrees.  Day 1 was a really good day, it was fun yet introspective, and the fire walk was a great experience, although it happened so quickly I wondered if I had really done it.

Day 2 starts in a very similar manner, but is led by Joseph McClendon with a number of videos featuring Tony Robbins.  This day is focused on “The Power of Success Conditioning”, where you can develop a clear target for what you want out of life and why.  This day is setting you up for the 3rd day, which is called “Transformation Day”.  Day 2 ended about 8:30 PM, another 12 hour day!

Day 3 is easily the most intense day of the event.   You uncover beliefs that are limiting your life; but to do this, you must go back to those limits and replace them with the results you want in your life.  I’m not going into more detail about this day other than to say that it is intense and long.  I think Day 3 ended about 1 AM.

Day 4 is about living a Vital Life and how to increase your energy by eating healthier and living healthier.  Day 4 is pretty mellow and not very intense compared to the others, but does provide an interesting look into the makeup of your body and allows you to put into action your newly learned information.

Overall, I thought it was a fantastic experience.  Some of the exercises were not for me, but I think that is to be expected.  Tony Robbins is by far and away the best story teller I have ever listened to.  He can certainly captivate an audience, as evidenced by the over 6000 people from 20+ countries who stayed for pretty much the whole 50 hour event. 

Would I recommend Unleash the Power Within? YES!  I think it is something everyone should attend once in their life.  You meet lots of interesting people, and you learn a number of things that you can put to use in your own life, on the job or anywhere else.