Lodestar Solutions 2015 Year in Review


2015 Year in review2015 has brought some exciting new programs and changes to Lodestar Solutions. Not only have we implemented a new goal setting system within our firm (Traction) but we’ve also created new valuable content & programs for our clients. From Cognos Planning migrations at MoveToTm1.com to software agnostic business analytics coaching at Analyticleadership.com, we have broadened our offerings so that you can not only increase profits but increase communication and look like a ROCK STAR within your organization. So without further adieu, Lodestar's 2015 year in review:

  • Traction – Lodestar Solutions has implemented a goal setting system called Traction which has allowed us to stay focused on our internal organizational goals. By using Gino Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), it has guided us in setting short term & long terms goals and has helped us identify our core processes. This allows us to structure our organization based on our strengths & weaknesses by putting it down on paper. Traction tools such as 90-day “rocks”, the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO), and Level 10 meetings keep everyone moving in the same direction/on the same page. For more information on how you can add Traction to your organization, we advise reading “Traction – Get A Grip On Your Business” by Gino Wickman.
  • Waterfall vs Agile (SCRUM) – Lodestar has adopted a new and more successful project management style. Instead of promoting the traditional analysis, design, code, test, deploy “Waterfall” approach, SCRUM, which is a lightweight project management process, can manage & control software as well as product development by embracing iterative and incremental practices. Similarly, instead of being “artifact-driven”, whereby large requirements documents, analysis specifications, design documents, etc. are created, SCRUM requires very few artifacts. It concentrates on what’s important: managing a project or writing software that produces business value. We HIGHLY advise reading the book SCRUM- The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland.
  • BAAM (Business Analytics Agile Methodology) – Lodestar is using a new flexible project methodology which includes Pre-project planning, Project Kick-Off, Discovery meetings, Sprints, Go Live, Post Project, and Videos. We guarantee that by utilizing this methodology, you will end up looking like a ROCK STAR and being the “go-to” person within your organization.
  • MovetoTM1.com – Lodestar Solutions has created an online training series at MoveToTm1.com that can guide you in your preparation, design, and migration from Cognos Planning to IBM Cognos TM1. You will learn about requirements gathering, licensing, and setting expectations in the preparation stage. We teach you about design consideration, time considerations, and where to get started as far as pre-project considerations. We also include tips we’ve learned from previous Lodestar migration clients.
  • AnalyticLeadership.com – Statistics show that 68% of software projects fail. Lodestar Solutions can help you defy this statistic and learn the key critical steps needed to correctly deploy BI, CPM and analytics solutions. Lodestar Solution’s business analytics coaches will help identify your team’s strengths & weaknesses utilizing our BAAM methodology. This allows for understanding the crucial activities that every team should follow to increase their project success rate while reducing the cost and time to deliver. Sign up for our coaching at Analyticleadership.com.

Feel free to email us at Sales@LodestarSolutions.com for more information about any of these programs/methodologies.