Upgrading to Cognos Analytics

Upgrading to Cognos Analytics

First Step - Get Lodestar Tool Kit

As someone who used Cognos 10 for years, the thought of upgrading to Cognos Analytics was daunting.  I was not sure where to begin, what to do or even how to sell it to the organization.   Here at Lodestar Solutions we thought about how best to prepare you for this upgrade.   We created a fantastic online toolkit to prepare you for the upgrade called the  Cognos Analytics Upgrade Evaluation Toolkit.  Read this blog to see a great summary of the tool kit.  https://lodestarsolutions.com/cognos-analytics-upgrade-evaluation-plan/

How do you get this toolkit?  Simple, sign up for the Lodestar Solutions Cognos Coaching club by clicking the Upgrade Evaluation Toolkit picture to the right of this.  Once on the main page you can choose to join the Lodestar Cognos Club, the Lodestar Coaching Club or both.  I highly suggest both!  Next, click purchase offer (this is FREE) and then fill out the short form and you are in the club!

Upgrading to Cognos Analytics

​Next, click this link to take you to the offer page for the tool kit, sign in if needed and you will have access to the toolkit! https://lodestarsolutions.mykajabi.com/offers/rwT9X6qx

I Have the Toolkit, Now What?

​Start with watching Heather Cole's video on Evaluating Whether It's Time to Upgrade to Cognos Analytics.  This is a presentation she gave at IBM Vision in April, 2017.

Upgrading to Cognos Analytics

Next, start at the introduction section, which will teach you how to use the rest of the toolkit, then follow each step in the process.  There is a lot of information in this tool kit so block off some time and really concentrate.  Being prepared for the upgrade is such a stress reducer!  Now that you have a solid understanding of the process and the opportunity to WOW your end users, it’s time to take action!

Contact Lodestar Solutions

Now that you have prepared for your upgrade it is time to contact Lodestar Solutions.  Our technical team has many years of experience with Cognos software and are experts in upgrades and installs.   They will migrate and configure everything for you, provide detailed information and ensure your system is perfect.  Contact services@lodestarsolutions.com to schedule your free assessment call.