Free Cognos Insight Training

How does Free Cognos Insight Training and a word like infobesity correlate?  First let's take a look at the definition of the word.


NOUN [CREDIT TO Kerry Maxwell]

The condition of continually consuming large amounts of information correlating to a negative effect on a person's well-being and ability to concentrate.

Cognos Insight Training

There definitely is no lack of data. Even a babbling idiot can shout out tons of statistics at you – granted they may only be true facts within the confines of their head – but statistics nonetheless. Relevant data is what is needed. And for data to be relevant, it needs to be managed and organized so that accurate interpretations become the basis for actionable solutions. And that is what an IBM Cognos Business Analytics Solution does. If you’re still in “Excel Hell” or want to see how you can help expand your IBM Cognos Business Analytics Solution even further, please join Lodestar Solutions for our Cognos Insight Workshop. We offer these periodically via Virtual Workshops or at select IBM facilities (check out If you cannot attend one of these, please contact Darin Ray at to inquire about scheduling a Cognos Insight Workshop for your company.