Cognos Business Intelligence Top 10 Features

It seems during this time every year that top ten lists are very prevalent; top ten movies, songs or stories of the year.  Based on that theme, here is my list of the top ten features of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 or Cognos Express 10.2:

10.          Support for more big data platforms including Amazon Web Services, Cloudera and Hortonworks

9.            New and improved licensing model for Cognos Express users – much easier for the administrator to understand and price out

8.            Relative time support for aggregation in Dynamic Cubes

7.            Compression for Active Reports, which helps create a smaller more efficient .MHT file for use offline

6.            Shared sets between reports – users can create sets (top 10 for instance) of data and use them on new reports without creating the set again

5.            Performance improvements on most modules

4.            Score carding features in Cognos Express using TM1 metrics

3.            The ability to map “like” items in Workspace

2.            Updated Cognos Mobile app that is quicker, with great samples to show the power of RAVE and visualizations

1.            Visualizations!  These powerful, presentation ready, interactive charts and maps are really incredible!


And there you have it…the most important features to Cognos Business Intelligence to finish out the year. Feel free to contact us at for more information or visit the IBM website HERE.