Cognos BI Agile Projects Compared to Waterfall

Guess where the Waterfall project implementation folks are going?  If you guessed “over the Falls like a barrel,” you would be 100% correct. Today, we are going to explore Cognos BI Agile projects compared to Waterfall.

In a 2013 recent Forrest survey, a whopping 74% of companies surveyed were using the Agile method for project management; up from 35% just 3 years earlier in 2010.  Yes, you read that right, over double in 3 years!

Why are so many companies changing from Waterfall project implementation and other methods?  The answer is simple.  Increased profits!  More money, bigger paychecks, increased stock prices… I'm sure I have your attention now!

In an Actuation Consulting study, nearly 87% of Agile users say they have experienced increased profits because of adopting an Agile approach.

If your organization is using an old, outdated waterfall approach, you really should consider starting the change over to Agile. There are many great books, classes and programs that can make you look like a rock star when you next project comes in under budget, delivering results to your customers!

We here at Lodestar have adopted the Agile project management approach and currently offering a workshop for in different cities with a Buy One, Get One Free special for a limited time.  Click here to check out the dates on our Events page.

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