Heather L. Cole On Why BI Projects Fail


Our friend Joe Stangarone, President of mrc and 30+ year IT professional, wrote a great blog post on how many business have high expectations when they adopt BI solutions only to be disappointed after they see the results. These businesses subsequently put the blame on the software. Joe goes on to discuss 5 factors that hinder your BI projects.

In his first point, “It doesn’t really fit your business”, he explains how details can fall through the cracks when you’re doing your requirements gathering and quotes Lodestar Solutions very own Heather L. Cole who said:

“The biggest reason why BI fails is that companies don’t do proper requirements gathering,” says Heather Cole who is President and CEO of Lodestar Solutions. “Often times, IT might interview the business, create a list of requirements, and they start building. BI needs to be a collaborative project between IT and the business. IT is still running projects via a waterfall method, which doesn’t work in the ever changing business environment of today. Both IT and the business should be educated on Agile/Scrum methodologies and all BI projects must be run in some form of agile method, so there is constant communication between the business users and IT.”

Joe goes on to cover how the data may not be clean, you may have blind spots, it’s not maintained, and how end users may not adopt it.

To see the entire article, visit mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog by clicking this link: 5 problems that create “Unintelligent” Business Intelligence

Why BI Projects Fail