What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 93

what’s new in planning analytics workspace 93
what’s new in planning analytics workspace 93
Written by, Mike Bernaiche, February 29th, 2024

In February 2024, IBM released the next version of Planning Analytics Workspace 93.  There are a few enhancements to highlight below.  As a reminder, when you upgrade to the latest version you have everything from previous versions.  At the bottom of this blog, you will find links to what is new in previous versions.

Books and Reporting

In Planning Analytics Workspace 93 the following was added or changed in books and reporting.

Books retain data format when saved as a template - When you save a book as a template, any data format that you applied to an entire view or visualization now also saves to the template. When you create a new book using the template, the retained data format automatically applies to the view or visualization when you populate the data.

New advanced selector widget to synchronize members - the new Advanced selector widget supports one-way synchronization and has multiple selectors with the same hierarchy that lets you pick members from different groups to form a set. This new feature lets you easily compare members, view data for a range of members, or create a multiple-selection list.

New advanced selector widget to synchronize members in PAW 93

Applications and Plans

In applications and plans the following enhancements are now available.

Manage email notifications in plans – You can now turn on or turn off email notifications for individual events on the new Notifications tab in a plan. Previously, plan users automatically received email notifications when actions, such as a task submission or task approval, occurred in a plan.

Improved handling of simultaneous actions in plans - Previously, when two users from the same group opened a plan to perform the same action at the same time, such as submitting or approving a task, both actions were recorded in the Submission log. Now, in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace 93, only the first action is logged in the Submission log.


The following changes were made to modeling in Planning Analytics Workspace 93.

Copy and move multiple assets or folders – You can now copy and move multiple assets or folders to a new location on both the Reports and Analysis page and the Data and Models page in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

New filtering options available in the dimension editor – Additional filtering options are now available in the dimension editor, which allow you to further narrow the focus of members that are displayed in the editor. Previously, you could filter members in the dimension editor with Filter (optional) or use Search to generate a list of members that match the search term.

New filtering options available in the dimension editor in PAW 93

Replace an existing cube – You can now replace an existing cube with a new cube in the IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace Create Cube menu.

Map to existing dimensions when importing data to the new cube - you can now map to an existing dimension or control dimension when you import data to a new cube.


As you can see there are a few changes in IBM Planning Analytics 93.  Without giving too much away, I believe in the next few updates you will see some major enhancements coming.  Stay tuned for those, you will not want to miss it!

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