Take Reports Offline with Cognos Active Reports

So, you are sitting on a plane or somewhere without access to the internet or your company’s servers and you really need to verify some numbers for a meeting you have soon.  What do you do? With Cognos Active Reports, you can view a report offline with all of the typical interaction you have come to love with your Cognos reports!

So what are Cognos Active Reports?  An Active Report is an interactive, intuitive stand-alone report built in Report Studio with the ability to be highly formatted.  These reports can be consumed on your laptop or even your iPad.  The Report Studio Active Report template offers a richer set of controls for the experienced professional report author to build interactive offline dashboards/reports for the business.  Utilizing the Active Report functions and controls, you can create very simple to the most complex dashboards.  Then, saving them as a .MHT allows the end user to take them offline and make decisions.  You can also schedule and burst the applications to your users for high efficiency.  You can even take existing reports and convert them to Active Reports, but be careful once they are converted. They can’t be converted back.

So now you’re asking, “What are the benefits of using Active Reports?”  Simply put, you save time, improve user satisfaction and improve productivity!  I believe that any company utilizing business intelligence software would consider these three things a must have!

Check out www.lodestarsolutions.com/Events.html for a list of our free webinar offerings, including a 1 hour introduction to Cognos Active Reports, where we will show you how to build a couple of simple reports.

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