6 Things Taylor Swift Knows about Business Intelligence Success


It’s an undeniable fact that Taylor Swift towers over and dominates everyone when it comes to the music industry. And while she may be a little busy with her 1989 Tour to start tackling your Business Intelligence success, there are some commonalities we can take away from her media empire and apply that to your BI environment. Let’s take a look at 6 items you must have for an effective & efficient Business Intelligence solution or to sell a gazillion albums as Taylor Swift has done:

  1. Collaboration – While Taylor Swift is predominately seen as a solo artist, she, along with numerous other entertainers have learned the secret to broadening their reach which is to collaborate with other artists to produce a quality product that fans like. The BI solution within your organization needs to allow for easy and accurate communication so that innovative insights and data can be shared from your managers to the upper level decision makers.
  2. Provide 1 version of the truth – We all know that the lyrics written in Taylor Swift songs right after one of her relationship breakups are a 100% truthful account of what happened. I say that tongue and cheek but what is vitally important for your BI and reporting solution is to get one version of the truth! Not only are company decisions made on this data but your job may be on the line if you continue to provide conflicting data & reports.Business Intelligence Success
  3. Highly visual charts and graphs – Admit it. Her stage shows are visually appealing and she released one of her music videos as an interactive experience. Today’s BI charts and graphs need to be animated with interactive bubble charts, heat maps and other dashboard drill down graphs.
  4. Be scalable – Taylor Swift’s career is a lesson in scalability. She moved from one specific genre to a MUCH larger audience where the demand for her product exploded. So should your BI solution be able to work efficiently when an increased load of resources are added.
  5. Available on multiple platforms – Your reporting will be consumed and will need to work for desktop, mobile, and other applications. Similarly, the music industry is experiencing a shift in the way individuals are consuming music. They need to have streaming, digital downloads of both individual tracks as well as albums and let us not forget those people still buying CD’s and vinyl. The Taylor Swift camp knows this and it’s why she is one of a very view who can dominate economically no matter what medium or format her fans consume her.
  6. Be flexible and easy to consume – She’s in movies, she creates/hocks products, she donates to causes, she’s a fashion plate, she tours the world with her music and she’s pretty much the social media queen. Essentially, she’s good at everything and there’s synergy to her work. Your business intelligence solution needs to scream synergy and be multi-talented as well. It needs to be easy to use and it must produce with accuracy.

So if you need tickets for Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour click HERE but if you need assistance in creating a quality BI solution, contact us at Sales@LodestarSolutions.com.

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  1. In addition to scalability, Taylor Swift also teaches us that there are benefits to shaking things up. Continuously reviewing and your BI data can identify trends and other opportunities for growth with data that supports these potential business ventures – much like how switching genres paid off incredibly well for Miss Swift.


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