The MacGyver Approach to BI and Analytics when you have limited resources

I had a conversation with a perspective client the other day when he asked me, “What are the Best Practices for BI and Analytics when you have limited resources when?”  I paused a moment and asked him, “Do you have all the data you need in a clean, efficient Data Warehouse and unlimited time, resources and money? “

In 20 years of selling and deploying software solutions, I have yet to find a client that can follow “Best Practices”.   Therefore, I believe in the MacGyver approach to Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.  Do you remember the 1980’s ABC television show where the main character, MacGyver (a secret agent) would repeatedly find himself in precarious situations?  MacGyver would then assess the situation, review his resources, contemplate his options to solve the situation, and finally, he would act with total confidence and commitment to resolve the problem.  Typically, the solutions included duct tape, a Swiss army knife, a shoe string, a piece of gum, and gas from a nearby lawn mower.

When you are looking to deploy Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, you should put aside “Best Practices” and use the “MacGyver Approach”:

  1. Assess your organization’s goals for BI/BA
  2. Evaluate your resources: data, tools, people, time and budget
  3. Explore your options on where to start
  4. Create your plan / Business Analytics Roadmap
  5. With complete commitment and communication, make it happen

But, like MacGyver’s plan, you must be able to face the unforeseeable curve balls and have the agility to change your plans to meet your goals.  By setting realistic expectations that things will change, and empowering your people to act when appropriate, you will realize Business Analytics and Business Intelligence success.

If you are struggling with creating your Business Analytics Roadmap, Lodestar Solutions offers software agnostic Business Analytics Coaching programs to help you define it.

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