IBM Cognos Mobile is Available on ITunes

Experience information like never before with IBM Cognos Mobile 10.2.  Access and interact with all the rich reports and dashboards you need to make the smartest business decisions, all on you mobile device.  Gain trusted insight through a rich and visual experience, whether you are offline or online, to ensure you remain productive wherever you are.  Easily sync your IBM Cognos content from email attachments or directly from the Cognos server.  Your IT department will love the fact that they can leverage existing Business Intelligence (BI) content and a single administrative environment.  Built on a flexible and proven platform, IBM Cognos Mobile 10.2 ensures mobile decision-making is simple, reliable and secure.

If your organization provides reports based on your current location, you can turn on the GPS capability on your phone and have these customized reports delivered to your device.

You can delete a report from your device. If you do this, you delete only the copy on your device, not the actual report.

You can view reports on your device and perform a number of actions on them, including:

·                 focusing on one area of a report
·                 marking table cells for further analysis
·                 drilling through
·                 drilling up and drilling down

What’s new in IBM Cognos Mobile 10.2

  • Support for IOS Push Notifications
  • New multi-page report streaming delivery mechanism
  • Performance enhancements
  • Reduce the size of the App by moving the samples onto an external server
  • Added samples
  • Support for receiving multiple bursted reports
  • Support for new Administration of Cognos Mobile capabilities
  • Improve the Active Report import mechanism

Things to remember when designing reports for Mobile:

  1. Keep it simple for end users
  2. Remember you have limited real estate on mobile devices

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