There’s An App for That! Lodestar’s Recommended Productivity Apps

In today's world, there seems to be an app for everything, so we at Lodestar thought it would be a good idea to discuss with you our recommended productivity apps in hopes it would make your or your organization more effective & efficient.

Let's start with a few I use every day for my job as a Business Analytics Coach:

Redbooks by IBM – great app that contains a TON of information. Redbooks are like instruction manuals for almost any IBM product. Of course, I concentrate on the Business Analytics Redbooks, but there many that could help you out.

IBM Cognos Mobile – loaded with samples and gives you the ability to connect to your BI system and use Mobile Reports.

OneNote by Microsoft – great organization app that allows me keep all client and business notes close by for usage online or off.

Twitter / LinkedIn– great places to gather information and join groups for your Business Analytics applications.  Follow Lodestar Solutions @lodestar_sol on Twitter.

UPad/Notability – note taking application that allows you to hand write notes on your iPad or other device.  If you are like me, you miss writing things on paper. This allows you to do that while using today’s technology.

Box/Dropbox/OneDrive – cloud-based storage that allows you to make items available for offline viewing. I use this type of app a lot when traveling. Great way to read documents, proposals, Redbooks, etc. – offline.

Just a few more apps that have nothing to do with my day to day work, but some that I find useful and fun:

Flipboard – a great source for news, sports and many other items. This app allows you to build your own news site by picking from many different sources.

Words with Friends – trying to build the perfect word and score those monster points just keeps me glued to this game.

CVS – being able to refill prescriptions by scanning the bottle through the app is awesome!

Speedtest – ability to test your internet connection and the speeds that your provider “says” you should get.

Myfitnesspal – track exercise, nutrition and other items for better health

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