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​TM1 Action Button

TM1 Quirk of the Day: Parameters Merging in TM1 Action Button Properties

TM1 Action Button

When using TM1 10.2, I’ve encountered a situation where the Action Button I created to run a TI Process with multiple parameters looked correct when I first created it. But when I subsequently opened the Excel file (.XLSX to be specific) and then tried to run the process, it failed. When I checked the Properties of my Action Button, I noticed that my three parameters all became one.

Long story short: You have to set up a TM1 Action Button in a Perspectives Excel file and save the file as with the .XLS extension and not .XLSX.

Setting up a TM1 Action Button

Now that we have discussed parameters merging in TM1 action properties, lets take a step back and go through the simple steps of creating a TM1 action button.  It does not take long to create and you can automate many different things to save time and make life easier for your TM1 group.

  1. Select any empty cell in your worksheet
  2. Select Insert Action Button from the TM1 menu
  3. In the action button properties select the appropriate TM1 server.
  4. Click the action option that you want the button to perform - see chart below
  5. Set the appearance properties 
  6. Click OK to finish!
TM1 Action Button

You can find much more information on setting up Cognos TM1 action buttons by clicking here.

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