TM1 Operations Console Replaces TM1 Top


As a Business Analytics Coach at Lodestar Solutions, it’s my passion and responsibility to enlighten you about functionality that is inherent in your existing products about which you may or may not know. Today we are going to discuss the TM1 Operations Console. The TM1 Operations Console replaces TM1 Top for Performance Monitoring used by TM1 Administrators to monitor IBM Cognos Performance Management (TM1) performance. If you have never used the TM1 Operations Console or TM1 Top, a TM1 Administrators class goes into great detail about how to install and use this tool. The TM1 Administrator class would leverage a practice model and if you take instructor-led training, you can have all your burning questions answered by an instructor. This is recommended for everyone tasked with Administering IBM Cognos Performance Management TM1.

What is TM1 Operations Console?

TM1 Operations Console is the new version of TM1 TOP for those who remember that handy tool from TM1 version 9.5 and prior. However, TM1 Operations Console has a lot more to offer than TM1 TOP. People who have administered version 9.5 and earlier know what a great life saver TM1 TOP was. You could monitor threads from multiple TM1 servers. You could log out locked users due to read write contention. You could kill runaway TI processes, check stats on processes and user threads. The biggest bang for your buck was that you did not have to shut down a server in order to do so. In environments that were highly reliant on IT restarting a server, it would require a long process of requests and data governance. In many cases, TM1 TOP would help you avoid such situations.

TM1 Operations Console Replaces TM1 Top

TM1 Operations Console has the same functionality as TM1 Top mentioned above and more. You can view the three logs, Transaction, Message (TM1Server) and Audit log. You don’t have to do this from TM1 Architect. The console allows you do all that from one tool. You run performance monitor from the console and track your server’s performance over time. Furthermore, you can visualize the performance of your server with a graph which can show you trends in your server’s performance. Another cool feature of the Console is WatchDog which sets automatic triggers based on criteria. You can schedule the logging or stopping of an activity based on certain criteria.

Release notes for TM1 Operations Console 10.2.2

In conclusion, TM1 Operations Console is a window into your server that gives you and your chosen users the power to administer and manage your Cognos Performance Management TM1 environment a lot better than you would without it. IBM Cognos Performance Management TM1 Administrators will love the control they get with the TM1 Operations Console.

To see a quick video on the TM1 Operations Console check out this link:

IBM Video on TM1 Operations Console

Looking for more training on TM1 Operations Console and more TM1 administrator functionality?

Lodestar Solutions has added TM1 administration classes in a virtual instructor-led setting to our training offerings. If you would like to improve your skills, contact or check out our latest training calendar

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