TM1Connect Extract Data From TM1 for Reporting & Analysis

As Business Analytics Coaches, it’s our passion and responsibility to find and talk about products that compliment your existing tool set. Today, we are going to talk about a product, called TM1Connect, which helps you extract data out of TM1 and bring it into other tools for reporting & analysis and/or visualization. The standard way of extracting data out of TM1 is through a view extract, or Ascii file. After that, you can load the data into a tool of your choice. The TM1connect offering from Carpedatum makes this process seamless.  TM1Connect Extract Data

TM1connect allows you to connect to Qlickview or Tableau. The tool has the capability to convert multidimensional data into a tabular form. You might want to bring data into Qlickview so that you can do some rapid prototyping or into Tableau so that you can do some quick visualization of your data. You can bring the data either through a direct connection or through a batch extract.

In TM1connect, you can create views of the data from TM1. This view generates a SQL statement which can be further refined by filters that get applied to the SQL statement. This is all drag and drop technology so you don’t need to know how to write SQL statements, but you have the choice to do so if you have the skillset.

Another feature of TM1Connect is the ability to bring in Metadata like hierarchies. You can balance ragged hierarchies with the click of a few buttons.

You can explore all that we have discussed and more at the Carpredatum Website:

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