Who should use Cognos Workspace Advanced?

Cognos Workspace Advanced (known as Business Insight Advanced in 10.0) is an IBM Cognos product that encompasses Query Studio, Analysis Studio and Report Studio Express capabilities into one application. Now ad-hoc meets slice and dice, and can be wrapped up in a pretty package too.

Unlike Analysis Studio, end users no longer have to predetermine whether a data package is relational or dimensional because Query Studio functionality is also included in the application. The Cognos Workspace Advanced user interface and program capabilities automatically change to match the data source; reducing confusion and increasing end user satisfaction.

Query Studio and Analysis Studio require a very low skill set to master.  However, when advanced users outgrow the capabilities of these two studios and try to make the leap to Report Studio, they often find the distance to be too great.  The Report Studio Express functions available in Cognos Workspace Advanced are a perfect stepping stone.  Some of the functions that these advanced users will enjoy include creating calculated members and measures based on tuples, and creating sets in order to determine top and bottom members.  Additionally, since the expected skill level is lower, Workspace Advanced only requires a BI Advanced Business Author license; whereas, Report Studio requires a BI Professional Author license.  This is the beauty of Cognos Workspace Advanced; end users are trained once, on one application, and have room to grow without increasing cost.

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