How to Change Your Primary Contact with IBM

We have all been there. One of the people in charge of managing an aspect of your IBM account left the company and you didn’t think to have them update their information before they left.  Learn how to Change Your Primary Contact with IBM!

Main contacts such as primary contact, billing contact, renewal contact, media shipping contact, proof of entitlement contact and site technical contact can be updated by the current Primary Contact on the Passport Advantage Online website.

NOTE : If the current Primary Contact has left the Company and cannot make these changes on the Passport Advantage Customer Site, please have the new contact taking over the role send an e-mail to to make the changes.

Include in the e-mail:
PA agreement/site number, new contact's full name, e-mail address, phone number, reason for update

You may be wondering what all of these different types of roles are and what they do:

Primary Contact
IBM will consider the contact you designate in this role to be the primary contact for your Site. All Passport Advantage correspondence, other than correspondence related to Software Subscription and Support renewals, will be sent to the attention of the

Primary Contact. If the Primary Contact is the only contact specified, IBM may consider the Primary Contact to be the sole contact for all purposes.

Site Technical Contact
The site technical contact specified is responsible for overall support compliance for your Passport Advantage Site and maintaining the authorized IS Personnel list on the IBM Software Support Web site. This contact will receive a letter with important Technical Support Information concerning access to IBM Software Support.

Software Subscription and Support Renewal Contact
The contact you designate in this information box is the person responsible for assisting with Software Subscription and Support renewals.

Administration/Proof of Entitlement Contact
The contact you designate in this role is responsible for requesting and authorizing account information changes, Web and tool access, etc. In addition, IBM will send the Administration/Proof of Entitlement Contact documents including Proofs of Entitlement, Software Subscription and Support Renewal notices, software upgrade availability notifications, etc.

Software Subscription and Support Media Shipping Contact
Each site with Software Subscription and Support coverage is eligible to receive one set of media for Programs covered by such Software Subscription and Support when Programs are revised and become commercially available. Program upgrade media will be shipped to the contact you specify. Software Subscription and Support coverage must be active in order for the upgrade(s) to be shipped.

Billing contact
The contact you designate in this information is the person you want to receive, where applicable, billing communications.

Now that you know the different types of contact roles, you can update the contact roles. Here is the process to perform contact updates on PAO website:
1. Go to
2. Choose Passport Advantage On-line (blue tab)
3. Choose customer sign in
4. Sign in with your IBM ID and password
5. Note: If you have not created an IBM ID and password already, select ‘register'
6. Landing page – Software and Services On-line
7. Under tab – Account management
8. Choose contact update
9. Update new contact or contacts by filling in all required fields
10. Choose continue – bottom of page
11. Submit updates by filling in your contact information
12. Click submit
13. End process

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