Use Cognos Active Reports with RAVE

Are you?  If not, why not?  Active reports, especially with the new RAVE engine in version 10.2.1, are absolutely stunning and are well worth using.  You not only get these highly interactive reports, but now with RAVE, you get stunning visual reports that are consumed offline!  Yes, I said offline. No need to be connected to your Cognos BI server!  So check out Cognos Active Reports with RAVE.

Active Reports and RAVE

RAVE stands for Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine. There are about 30 or so of these visualIzations available through You simply go to Analytics Zone and choose what visualizations you want to download. Then install them through the IBM Cognos Administration console.  Once downloaded and installed, they are available through Report Studio and are used in the same manner as the other Active Reports Toolbook items.

I don't believe nearly enough people are taking advantage or the power of these reports.  Executives and high level managers (especially those on the go) love being able to interact with data and make quick decisions with these reports. Try it!  Build one and provide it to your manager and see what happens! Email us with your success stories at for more information.

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