Version Control and Audit Trail for IBM Planning Analytics TM1 with Soterre

Version Control and Audit Trail for IBM Planning Analytics TM1 with Soterre
January 28th, 2021

Are you a TM1 Administrator and looking for a better way to know which Modeler changed a TI process or IBM Planning Analytics rule?  Have you ever changed a process or object and thought “Shoot, how can I undo or rollback my change in TM1?”  Introducing version control and audit trail for IBM Planning Analytics TM1 with Soterre.  


Soterre is an amazing product developed by our friends at Motio.   You may be familiar with Motio products if you have IBM Cognos Analytics BI, but did you know they also have a tool that helps Cognos Planning Analytics TM1 Administrators? 

Undoing TM1 Object Changes with Soterre

It’s late in the afternoon, the CFO wants to see the final forecast and you notice something is off.  The adrenaline runs through your body.  You need to get home for your child’s birthday, but something is off.  You can’t show the CFO the forecast if something might be wrong…

But wait, your company recently installed Soterre for IBM Planning Analytics.  You login to Soterre do a quick comparison and see that Bob, the new guy made a change to a rule last week.  You drill down on the details and see the exact change that was made.  You pick up the phone call Bob and inquire as to why he made the change.  After a brief discussion you both agree the change should not have been made.  So, you use Soterre to undo the change and revert to the previous rule.  You look at the updates and are happy with the results.  Relief floods your body as you will be home on time.


Soterre gives TM1 Administrators the power to:

  • Recover crucial IBM Planning Analytics content that was deleted.
  • Compare previous versions of TM1 content to pinpoint exactly what changed.
  • Deploy content between TM1 environments in a faster, more methodical approach.
  • Select which TM1 objects you want to deploy, or deploy them all, you choose.

What Does Soterre Do for IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Administrators?

Soterre brings much-needed version control to IBM Planning Analytics TM1.  Currently, when a mistake is made in TM1, there is no way to recover the last functioning version.  This deficit has led users to come up with their own homemade version control system—such as copying files from the data directory every time you start a new version.  This is cumbersome, time consuming and stressful.  Have you ever noticed that you need to recover at the worst time like month end closing….?

Soterre automatically versions everything within TM1 and keeps track of all changes so you can easily roll back whatever you need, including objects such as views, chores, and processes.

Automatic Versions with Soterre

With Soterre you can:

  • Easily recover deleted TM1 content (metadata).
  • Restore older versions if something goes wrong.
  • See the highlighted differences between two versions of TM1 so you can quickly see what’s changed from one version to the next.
  • View the history of a TM1 object when you need to know what has been worked on, by whom, and why.
  • Eliminate the manual change tracking of TM1 objects.
  • Promote Dev to Production without restarting the TM1 servers so you can do this while people are in the Cognos Planning Analytics system (See our next Soterre blog for more details on this).

IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Logging

You may be thinking, but can’t I use the TM1 logging that comes out of the box with IBM Planning Analytics TM1?  The Planning Analytics comes with two types of TM1 Logging which, by default they are disabled.

  • Transaction Log - captures all changes to data caused by end users, rules, or processes.
  • Audit Log - captures changes to metadata, security, logon information and other system activity detail.

The transaction log is useful as Soterre does not currently track data changes, but the audit log has very limited function and it does not allow you to undo or roll back changes.  See our earlier blog for more details.

It’s time for us to chat

If you are a TM1 Administrator and looking for a much easier way to handle version control and have a better audit trail for your IBM Cognos Planning Analytics TM1 system, we need to chat about Soterre by Motio.  

Contact us to discuss your challenges and how you can get what is like an insurance policy for your IBM Planning Analytics TM1 content.  You will be able to diagnose issues faster, have smoother deployments but most of all peace of mind that when you make a mistake, which we all do, you can fix it fast.

Email or call us at 813-415-2910 to set up a demo of Soterre. 

1 thought on “Version Control and Audit Trail for IBM Planning Analytics TM1 with Soterre”

  1. Cognos Analytics & Planning Analytics (CA/PA) are currently not in compliance with the IT Policy for Change Management. Specifically, CA/PA lack capabilities to automatically track source code check-out / check-in. In addition, due to the file-based code for configurations, customizations, etc., there isn’t built-in capabilities in the application to track code deployment management.

    While our developers don’t have edit access to our production servers, the Middleware Operations team (Admin Group) has administrative rights to our full CA/PA application server stack (Development, Test, Stage, Production). As such, while the developers are the only users developing customizations and Middleware Operations is the only team deploying the code to subsequent environments, we don’t have an automatic way to show that our source code change management to development and implement changes in CA/PA is compliant with IT Policy.

    Given the lack of adequate logging by IBM of CA/PA source code change management, a manual solution is not viable.

    Therefore, we need to find and implement a software solution that can control CA/PA source code check-out/check in, code deployment, tracking, and reporting of these changes.


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