Want To Save Money? Leverage Lodestar Solutions To Give You A Competitive Quote on Your IBM Software Support Renewal Bill!

November 3, 2019
Am I Paying Too Much?

Have you ever wondered if you are paying too much money for your IBM Cognos Support Renewal Bill? Well, if you are pondering that thought, then the reality is you probably are! Want to save money? Of course, we all do! Do you find yourself wondering what the various licenses on your support bill even mean? IBM tends to change the naming convention of the licenses quite often. This makes it hard to keep up to speed on what you own and what you can actually drop to save money on your next support bill. Due to license renaming and license evolutions, do you know what functionality is included within your Cognos licensing? This is a common question that many of our clients ask us. Not only can we give you a competitive bid on your IBM Cognos Support Renewal Bill, we can help you address all of these other questions along the way!

The beauty of being an IBM reseller of the Cognos portfolio is that Lodestar Solutions can offer you a better rate than going with IBM direct on your support renewal bill. Our firm has been doing this since 2004, so you bet we know the Cognos licensing backwards and forwards. We pride ourselves on staying current on new licensing naming conventions, licenses that are nearing end of life (not going to be supported after a certain date), license evolutions, etc... It is crucial to know what you own and what you don't need to own anymore, that's exactly what we can help you do here at Lodestar, all while saving you $$$!

Lodestar can educate you about these changes in our free, one hour "What The Heck Do I Own Session." This is a comprehensive licensing review where we will dive into what you currently own, what you may be able to drop, and how we can save you money going forward. Plus, we can provide you a No-Obligation quote that includes our Lodestar discount! Again, do you want to save money?! It's a no-brainer!

If saving you money isn't enough, check out our Lodestar Cognos Concierge service offering. You may qualify for this offering when you renew your IBM Cognos support with Lodestar. This gives you the ability to access one of our many, highly skilled Cognos consultants on demand! If you are stuck in a rut and need a question answered, call our Cognos Concierge and they will have the answer for you! 

Reach out to renewals@lodestarsolutions.com if you want to save money on your support renewal bill! We will provide you with a competitive quote on your IBM software renewal. If you are interested in our Lodestar Cognos Concierge service email sales@lodestarsolutions.com.

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