Warning! Cognos Analytics Support is Ending for Version 11.1.7. Upgrade Now!

Warning! Cognos Analytics Support is Ending for Version 11.1.7. Upgrade Now!
Written by Mike Bernaiche, February 9th, 2024

IBM, the provider of Cognos Analytics, has announced that Cognos Analytics support for version 11.1.7 will end in April 2024. This means that organizations using this version or earlier versions will no longer receive critical updates, security patches, or technical support beyond this date. To avoid potential risks and ensure uninterrupted access to support and new features, upgrading to the latest version of Cognos Analytics is imperative.  See the announcement here

Why Upgrade?

As organizations rely increasingly on data-driven insights to navigate complex business landscapes, having robust analytics software is paramount. Cognos Analytics has been a trusted tool for many, providing powerful analytics capabilities to drive informed decision-making. However, with technology evolving rapidly, it's crucial to stay up to date to ensure optimal performance, security, and support.

Here's why you should consider upgrading:

  1. **Enhanced Security**: In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity threats are ever-present. By upgrading to the latest version of Cognos Analytics, you benefit from the latest security enhancements and patches, safeguarding your data and systems against potential vulnerabilities.
  2. **Improved Performance**: With each new release, software vendors introduce performance optimizations to enhance the user experience. Upgrading to the latest version of Cognos Analytics ensures you're leveraging the latest performance improvements, allowing for faster analytics processing and improved efficiency.
  3. **New Features and Functionality**: Software updates often come bundled with exciting new features and functionalities designed to enhance productivity and drive innovation. By upgrading, you gain access to these new capabilities, empowering your team to extract deeper insights and make better-informed decisions.
  4. **Continued Support**: Perhaps most importantly, upgrading ensures continued access to technical support from IBM. Should you encounter any issues or require assistance, you can rely on IBM's dedicated support team to provide timely resolutions and expert guidance.

The Process

Transitioning to a new software version may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Lodestar Solutions offers comprehensive resources and support to facilitate a smooth upgrade process.

To get started with your upgrade, consider the following steps:

  • **Assessment**: Evaluate your current environment and determine the impact of the upgrade.
  • **Planning**: Develop a detailed upgrade plan, including timelines, resources, and potential challenges.
  • **Testing**: Conduct thorough testing to ensure compatibility and functionality.
  • **Deployment**: Execute the upgrade according to your plan, minimizing disruption to operations.
  • **Training**: Provide training to users to familiarize them with the new features and workflows.

Lodestar Solutions offers upgrade bundles to make this process even easier for you.  We offer a 2 and 4 upgrade bundle and you can find more information here.  

Here to Make it Easy

Remember, the end of support for Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 is fast approaching. Please don't wait until it's too late. Take proactive steps now to upgrade your Cognos Analytics environment and ensure continued success in your analytics initiatives.

The latest version of Cognos Analytics is 12.  It is extremely powerful and amazing.  However, if you are still using Query Studio or Analysis Studio, we should talk.  Cognos 12 has removed these legacy studios but there is a path forward!  If you are not ready to move to Cognos 12, Cognos 11.2.4 is a long-term release and will give you a runway to prepare for a move to 12.

You can find more info here on Cognos 12, why you should upgrade, and Cognos 11.2.4.

For assistance with your upgrade or to learn more about the benefits of the latest version of Cognos Analytics, reach out to our team today at services@lodestarsolutions.com

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