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As you are looking at a new budget cycle, we are reminding you that it’s a great time to request funding for moving from Cognos Planning to TM1. As business analytics coaches with decades of Cognos Planning and TM1 experience, we are deciding to share what IBM Cognos Planning clients ask about.

The most common question IBM Cognos Planning clients ask about is, “How long will Cognos Planning be around?”

It is a great question and the rumor mill has been busy lately. You see, in July 2016, Lodestar’s IBM support renewal specialist discovered that IBM’s life cycle site stated that Cognos Enterprise Planning 10.1.x was tagged as EOS (End of Support) for Sept 2017. This is the site you go to find out how long IBM is going to support the product.

This is causing some alarm bells to go off. As a result, the Lodestar Solutions team asked IBM a lot of questions about their intentions for the older Cognos Planning product. Several of you out there were also alarmed and gave us a call. We never received a direct answer from IBM. However, they did update their website on August 3, 2016 to show that 10.1.0 is EOS in September 2017 but 10.1.1 still has life. Despite this, Lodestar Solutions strongly feels the writing is on the wall for the longevity of Cognos Planning.

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What else do IBM Cognos Planning clients ask about?

They ask, “What are the benefits of Moving from IBM Cognos Planning to TM1?” There are so many benefits that this blog would be incredibly long if I mentioned them all. Let’s share the highlights:

  1. Huge cubes up to 256 dimensions in a single cube
  2. No Sync or Go To Production time to implement changes
  3. More powerful reporting with dashboards and scorecards
  4. Did I mention faster models?

For more benefits, check out our Migrating from IBM Cognos Planning blog.

They also ask, “Can’t the Cognos Planning licenses be used on TM1?” The answer is yes… sort of. You see, only your Enterprise Planning Contributors have rights as TM1 Users in TM1. However, you must purchase the Analytic Server license and at least one TM1 Modeler which is the power user license. In addition, please also take note that Cognos Enterprise Planning Contributors are only authorized for Enterprise TM1 and not Express. If you anticipate having less than 50 TM1 users, we should chat about your options. You may also check out the details on licensing in our Move to TM1 Program video.

If you have more questions on licensing, check out my LinkedIn post on 13 Common IBM Cognos TM1 Licensing Questions. Please share and like the post as we are looking to disseminate this valuable information with as many people as possible.

MOVE TO TM1 Program

For more details on the benefits of licensing, join our free Move to TM1 Program and gain access to our library of videos and templates. This library also includes a TM1 demo that shows the benefits over planning. To access our Move to TM1 Program, just click this link and you will be directed to our portal that has a video covering additional questions regarding “What IBM Cognos Planning Clients Ask About“. In this video, we answer real questions asked by clients to our Business Analytic Coaches. Some of the questions include:

  1. "I've heard Planning may be sunset soon. What does that mean?"
  2. "Can I just migrate my models over to TM1? Isn't there an Import feature?"
  3. "How hard is it to learn TM1 if I am an expert in Cognos Planning? Can I teach myself?"
  4. "My company is not going to give me funding for a lot of services. Do I really need consultants to move to TM1?"
  5. "Is there better reporting in TM1 than there is in Planning?"
  6. "I keep getting calls from IBM about moving to the cloud. Is it best to go to TM1 Cloud?"
  7. "What if I have Cognos Planning and Enterprise BI but I don't have a lot of users? Should I be looking at Cloud, Express, or Enterprise licensing?"
  8. "I've watched the videos in your portal. They are great but if I want to move to TM1, where should I start?"
  9. "How long will a migration to TM1 take?"
  10. "I've tried to get funding in the past and was told that we would have to review other tools as well as TM1. I've never done this before. Do you have any advice on what I should do?"
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What's the next step?

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