What is IBM Cognos Insight?


IBM Cognos Insight provides all the tools you need to solve individual or team challenges quickly and easily, right from your desktop:
•Import and merge your corporate enterprise data with personal local data directly in your   workspace.
•Slice, dice and drill down through data quickly without scripting.
•Create compelling charts and grids for a multi-dimensional view of your data.
•Perform powerful scenario modeling on the fly without being connected to a server.
•Easily publish your plans and dashboards for others in the organization to see and use.

Existing Cognos Users
You are entitled to use Cognos Insight at no additional cost with the following roles:
•Cognos BI users with the Advanced Business Author role or above (includes Professional Author, BI Professional, BI Administrator or BI Advanced roles), or
•Cognos TM1 users with the TM1 Contributor role or above (includes Modeler role)

When licensed with these user roles, you have all the capabilities of the Insight Standard Edition (above) plus:
•Import data from existing Cognos reports
•Share files using the Cognos Connection portal
•Publish and distribute content to the server for managed deployment
•Extend content created with Insight to other Cognos tools and interfaces like mobile and Web
•Use Insight as the interface to contribute to a managed planning process

New Cognos Users
The Cognos Insight Standard Edition provides the following set of capabilities:
•Import from a variety of sources including spreadsheets, comma separated value files (.CSV) and corporate databases using the ODBC standard interface.
•Share and open Insight files (.cdd files) with other Insight users

For IBM Cognos BI clients that want to learn more about the power of TM1, this is a great starting point, because Cognos Insight leverages the powerful TM1 engine.

For IBM Cognos Express clients, it is anticipated that IBM will also introduce a new version of Cognos Express that will also have a user role that includes Cognos Insight at no additional cost later this year.


For BI customers, they need to be on version 10.1.1 and install the “IBM Cognos Connection Installer for Cognos Insight component. For TM1 customers, they need to be on version 10.1. Insight will be installed on the user’s machine when they are in Cognos Connections and try to open a document with the Cognos Insight file extension (.cdd).

For TM1 customers, they need to be on version 10.1. Insight will be installed on the user’s machine when they are in Cognos Connections and try to open a document with the Cognos Insight file extension (.cdd).

Supported platforms for IBM Cognos Insight?
Cognos Insight runs on 32 or 64 bit Window.

Operating System – Support
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 – Active
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 – Active
Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 – Compatible

The complete list of supported environments can be found here.

Join the IBM Cognos Insight Community- (It’s Free)

IBM created a new web community built specifically for Cognos Insight at this link.

It is a great resource and includes everything needed for a novice user to get up and running quickly with Insight. You’ll find over a dozen video tutorials, numerous discussion forums so you can post your questions, and a whole range of compelling examples of applications built with Cognos Insight.

To learn more about Cognos Insight, please call us at 813-254-2040 or email at Coaching@LodestarSolutions.com.

2 thoughts on “What is IBM Cognos Insight?”

  1. You guys blew it !!!! What is IBM Cognos Insight is the title ? The first thing you do is say that it provides a bunch of tools. You need to go a level up and provide information about what category this product applies to. Is it a Business Intelligence app, a data analytics tool, an app for solving car problems, or a combination of several items. The reason for all this, is that I am looking for a tool to analyze log files from a manufacturing tool. I have created something in Excel, but this is a long-winded process and I am looking for something faster. In my search, Cognos Insight came up. This webpage popped up near the top of the first Google page. So naturally I wanted to find out if this tool could work for me.

    • Hi,

      This tool could potentially help you analyze your log files. IBM recently released Cognos Analytics, which is a BI platform that does allow import of external files easily. You can then turn these files into reports or dashboards for quick analytics. Contact me at services@lodestarsolutions.com and we can discuss further.


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