What are the Skills for Successful Business Analytics Implementation?

I believe most organizations aren’t even tapping 30% of the potential benefits they could realize from their Business Analytics/Intelligence Solutions.  Do you feel you are struggling to get momentum behind your Analytics project?  Maybe you don’t feel you have the executive support you need. Well, you are not alone!  I'm often asked what are the skills for successful business analytics implementation?

I have worked with many clients who have faced these challenges.

In order to show clients how to conquer the challenges, I had to call upon my years of studying psychology, leadership, and human behavior.   The trick to creating momentum and buy-in requires you to first understand what influences your audience.  The biggest mistake people make in implementing or getting support for a BI/BA project is that they lack the skills to do proper requirements gathering.  Requirements gathering is not just about the business needs; it needs to include the people’s needs.   To uncover the needs of the people, you need social skills to build rapport and connection.

Let’s be candid! IT and analytically-minded professionals aren’t exactly known for their social skills.  Do you want to know the most important social skill you need develop to succeed and become an influential and admired leader?

It’s Storytelling.

Storytelling helps you to successfully establish rapport, champion a solution, evangelize a vision, set expectations, build teams, attract talent, and resolve conflict. So, how well do you tell stories?

Would you like to learn more on becoming an ambassador of Business Analytics and Business Intelligence?

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