What is the IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS?

​What is the IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS?

With all the massive changes by IBM to the IBM Cognos Licensing, people started to ask a lot of questions. Today we will address what is the IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS?

The ICAS is the server license that you need for IBM Performance Management (PM aka TM1). It’s the license that stores data that can be accessed by software users. There are currently two active forms of the IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS; the full IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS used for TM1/Performance Management and the restricted use IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS included in the Forward Looking Analytics Architect License.

The ICAS is licensed based on Processor Value Unit (PVU) which is a number that IBM assigns to a specific processor core type. The number assigned to the core processor is multiplied by the number of cores being utilized resulting in the PVU licenses required. Please note that you can virtualize your machine. In the event your system has 8 cores and you allocate only 4 cores through virtualization, you will only be required to purchase licenses for the 4 cores according to the sub-capacity terms of IBM licensing.

IBM Cognos Analytics Server ICAS

For example: If system has a 70 PVU rating per core and you have 4 cores allocated (4*70) = 280 PVUs of licensing required.

Link to the PVU Calculator.


Full IBM Cognos Analytics Server (ICAS) – This is the analytic server license that is required for the latest version of TM1/Performance management. This license is based on the PVU of your TM1 server and is typically used for planning, budgeting, and modeling.

Forward Looking Analytics Architect - One point that causes confusion is that the new Forward Looking Analytics Architect license includes 400 PVU’s of restricted ICAS. This is not the same ICAS that is required for TM1/PM (Full ICAS). The FLAA license is intended to introduce BI customers to the functionality provided by TM1/PM but does not provide the full functionality of the full ICAS. Customers that have the restricted ICAS may not implement the TM1 workflow that allows for submit/reject. They may not implement TM1 Scorecarding. They can, however, writeback to the server via the new Analytic Explorer role but it’s limited to widgets, CAFÉ, and Cognos Insight. Tm1 Web and Contributor rights are not included in the restricted ICAS server but they are available in the full ICAS license.

The TM1 server included in FLAA should NOT be used as a replacement for a planning and budgeting server. TM1/PM Modelers and PM Users do not have access to this server. In other words, if you purchase the FLAA license, it is treated as a completely separate server so you can’t combine the FLAA with the Full ICAS for TM1/PM. It’s also important to note that the Analytic Explorer license includes rights to write to the to the restricted ICAS server not to the full ICAS for TM1, for that you need a PM/ TM1 user or PM/TM1 Modeler.

Currently, a trade up part is not available if you purchase the FLAA, love the TM1 functionality, and want to upgrade to the full ICAS license. However, Lodestar or IBM representatives would be happy to help you with the upgrade.

IBM Cognos Analytic Server for BI (Legacy License)

You may have heard about a license called ICAS for BI or ICAS for Cognos Insight. This is a legacy license and clients should consider the new FLAA instead of the legacy license. Resellers are not supposed to sell this license anymore. If you purchased the ICAS for BI license previously, it was intended for BI users looking to create TM1 models in Cognos Insight and push them to the limited use ICAS for BI. The legacy ICAS for BI is limited to:

  • No more than 560 PVUs
  • Performance Modeler may only be used to set security on TM1 applications.
    • Customer may not implement a workflow application (submit/reject)
    • Customer may not implement TM1 scorecarding
    • Customer may only writeback using Cognos Insight

Hopefully this helps answer any confusion about the IBM Cognos Analytics Server (ICAS). If you still have questions, please contact Lodestar Solutions at 813-415-2910 or sales@lodestarsolutions.com.

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  1. I just learned the IBM annually reviews the PVU ratings and they can change! This means IBM could foreseeably increase a server’s rating from 70 per core to 100. It’s up to you, the client, to make sure you are in compliance! If you have questions call Lodestar Solutions.


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