What TM1 Licenses Include IBM Planning Analytics Workspace?

What TM1 Licenses Have Planning Analytics Workspace?
January 7th, 2021

Looking for a better user interface to your powerful Cognos TM1/ Planning Analytics data?  Do your users think TM1 is hard to use?  Well, you are probably on an old version of TM1 and not using Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW).  It is time to upgrade and maybe even tweak your models with a redesign.  Before you jump in and start using the powerful Planning Analytics Workspace, we should discuss what PAW is and what TM1 licenses include IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

What is IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)?

According to IBM, Planning Analytics Workspace interface, “delivers visually engaging and intuitive self -service web authoring to all users.  Through the Planning Analytics Workspace interface, authors have access to many visual options designed improve financial input templates and reports.  Planning Analytics Workspace benefits include:

  • Free-form canvas dashboard design
  • Data entry and analysis efficiency and convenience features
  • Capability to combine cube views, websheets, text, images, videos, and charts
  • Synchronized navigation for guiding consumers through an analytical story
  • Browser and mobile operation
  • Capability to export to PowerPoint or PDF

Planning Analytics is available for subscription on IBM Cloud or local deployment.”

But what it really is, is the powerful front end and modeling component that is the future of Planning Analytics (TM1).  Not only can it simplify model building for your power users, but it can also provide sexy looking dashboards and graphs to bring visualizations to Planning Analytics TM1. 

Don’t believe me, see for yourself…  Here’s a link to our recent user group presentation on Planning Analytics Workspace. 

Or you can contact Lodestar Solutions at Services@lodestarsolutions.com and one of our team members can walk you through why we think you should be leveraging Planning Analytics Workspace.

What TM1 Licenses Include IBM's Planning Analytics Workspace?

Once you have watched our video on PAW you need to ask if you even own the licensing for Planning Analytics Workspace.  This can get a little confusing, but we will share what to look for on your renewal or IBM Proof of Entitlements (POE).

For on-premise licenses the following Planning Analytics (TM1) Licensing includes PA Workspace, so you might just need to install it:

  • Planning Analytics Modeler (Power User)
  • Planning Analytics User
  • Planning Analytics Workspace Add on – This is the license for clients that are older TM1 clients that currently have Performance Management User licenses to give them Workspace rights.
  • Planning Analytics Advanced User
  • Cognos Planning Analytics Express User
  • Cognos Express Administrator
  • Cognos Express Complete User

If you own any of the above licenses, then you have the rights to IBM Planning Analytics Workspace and can start using it once it’s installed.  If you need help installing it, email us at Services@lodestarsolutions.com and we can discuss your specific needs and benefits of PAW.

The following licenses DO NOT include IBM's Planning Analytics Workspace:

  • Performance Management User
  • Cognos Express Performance Management User
  • Performance Management Advanced User

If you own any of these licenses you DO NOT have the legal rights to use Planning Analytics Workspace.  But your Modeler or power users do.  So, you could have your Modelers play with PAW and create some pilot workspaces.

How Can I Get Cognos Planning Analytics Workspace Licenses?

If you don’t own PAW for your users, we strongly recommend you consider the investment.  This is the IBM go forward strategy for new functionality.  PAW is not just for visualization, but you can use it to build models.  See our earlier blog on this, Model Directly in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

To get the licenses for PAW, IBM has created “add on” Planning Analytics Workspace licensing for the licenses that don’t currently include it.  It’s important to note that you cannot buy Planning Analytics Workspace only for a handful of users, IBM requires you to purchase PAW for all users at the same time.  So, if you have 50 users of Performance Management, you must buy 50 PAW add ons. 

How Much Does IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Cost?

The cost depends on what type of license you own.  Lodestar Solutions is happy to provide a quote and determine if there are any promotions available to save you more money.  When you contact Lodestar Solutions, we will provide a quote and help you create your justification to get the funding you need for PAW.  

To get a quote just email sales@lodestarsolutions.com or call us at 813-415-2910.

Help Installing IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

If you own Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) with your Planning Analytics User or Planning Analytics Workspace licenses and need help installing it, please contact us at Services@lodestarsolutions.com.  Our technical gurus can help.

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