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Faster Cheaper AnalyticsTM

Listen up Cognos Developers. Being an awesome developer is not enough!

Join our complimentary webinar to watch us dissect our client's dashboard.  

Seeing this audit will teach you how to avoid best practice myths that are killing your efforts


How do you deliver analytic solutions when you don’t have extra hours in the day?

You have a limited budget and time but the executives want dashboards and deliverables?

Lodestar Solutions’ Faster Cheaper AnalyticsTM Program is designed to get the results you need. Our IBM Cognos Consultants are not only certified in  products like   IBM Cognos BI, TM1, Planning, Controller and SPSS,  but they are trained to empower you to be self-reliant. All of our team members have spent years in the trenches before joining our team, so they have also walked in your shoes. Lodestar Solutions' Consultants are also trained in  Agile implementation methodologies and are Certified Agile Scrum Masters.

They will not only make you a Cognos expert but they will teach you time saving techniques to increase your productivity. Lodestar is certified by IBM to consult and provide training to your team on the IBM Cognos Business Analytics suite of products. Application training is offered on-site, virtual instructor led, or virtual self-paced to meet your timeline and needs.


Do you find IBM licensing and support renewals confusing?

Curious if you are on the optimal IBM Cognos licensing model?

Are you wondering if you would survive an IBM Audit?

What the heck is a PVU anyway?

Lodestar Solutions has experts in IBM Licensing, functionality and support renewals. Our IBM Cognos licensing coaches are also certified IBM Cognos consultants and are trained to help you navigate the various licensing options.

We coach you on your options, and ensure you are in the optimal licensing model to save you money and maximize the return on your investment. For larger IBM Cognos deployments, consider engaging us in IBM Cognos Licensing Coaching, where we assess your needs, your risks, and help you negotiate tremendous deals on IBM Cognos Software.

Cathy BlanchardThe Chickasaw  Nation

"Heather Cole with Lodestar was an invaluable asset to The Chickasaw Nation in our IBM Cognos license evaluation and negotiation.

Heather Cole exceeded our expectations in her ability to quickly assess our situation, address our requirements, and set a path forward that was easily actionable and with the work done by Heather and her team helped us to ensure compliance with our licensing agreements and get defined answers to the grey area questions related to licensing.

She was able to walk us through our current state, assess potential liabilities and propose a plan that addressed our organizational plan for Cognos with ease. While her assessment and presentation was educational, our team was so impressed we decided to further engage her expertise in the negotiation process, which lead to an extremely beneficial license agreement and significant savings for our organization, not to mention time savings of our internal team.

We were extremely satisfied with Heather Cole’s licensing services and would highly recommend for any organization assessing or negotiating IBM Cognos licenses."

Lodestar clients receive a free annual license review at the time of their support renewal. In this free session, you will learn what IBM changes affect you based on your current entitlements (what you own according to IBM) and we will explore the areas that could save you money!


Do you feel like the people you work with don’t listen to your ideas?

Do you feel like you never have enough hours in the day to accomplish anything?

Maybe you have too many projects and never gain the sense of accomplishment?

Or worse, you develop dashboards and no one uses them!

Did you ever consider...You may be speaking a different language?! If you are highly analytical, your brain is wired to solve problems. When there is a problem, do you immediately start crafting a solution?  Your brain jumps to the results, processing numerous variables and risk factors all at once.

But guess what?

Non-analytical people don’t process information the same way!

They might not be able to process all the variables at once and when you speak to them. They have no clue what you are saying. It’s not that they are stupid! They are just wired... differently.

Imagine if we could give you a translation tool that whenever you communicated, they totally got it.  They loved your ideas. They listened to you! Well, we can. That’s what business analytics coaching is all about! We train analytically minded people, like you, to be influential and communicate their ideas to the executives and end users.

Our Faster Cheaper AnalyticsTM Program consists of a number of repeatable frameworks and programs to increase your productivity and effectiveness in delivering business intelligence and analytics. Programs like Raising the BAR – Business  Analytics RoadmapTM, Destination DashboardTM and group or one on one coaching!