What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 73 and 74

What's New In Planning Analyitcs Workspace 73 and 74 copy
Written by Mike Bernaiche, April 7th 2022

Typically, once a month, IBM updates Planning Analytics Workspace.  In February version 73 was released and the most recent version is Planning Analytics Workspace 74, released in March 2022.  Both of these updates bring some new features, enhancements and depreciation of certain items.  Please read below for the full details of both recent releases.

Planning Analytics Workspace 73

  •  Depreciation notice for IBM Planning Analytics Workspace classic experience.  What does this mean?  This refers to the look and feel of Planning Analytics workspace prior to the 56 release from October 2020.  If you are on version 56 or higher you are using the “new experience,” and this will not affect you.  If you are on version 55 or before you will see a new look and feel when you upgrade and will not be able to revert back to the classic experience.  The “new experience will be standard starting in July 2022.
  • Creation of Modeling Books – Starting in version 73 you create models in the workbench area and will no longer be able to create modeling books.
  • Copy assets or folders to shared or personal folder – Now you can copy all assets to a different location.
  • Copy and paste images, links, pictures, webpages, and text directly into a workspace book.
  • View all and view less replaced by new menu.
  • Sort members, attributes, and properties in the new set editor.  To enable the new set editor in version 73 you will need to ask your administrator to turn on that feature in the admin area.  You can see the new set editor below.
New Set Editor
  •  New Process Editor – IBM is working to standardize all areas of Workspace and as you can see below they have updated the process editor to be more in line with other areas.  You can read more about all the changes to the process editor here -  New process editor - IBM Documentation.
New Process Editor

Planning Analytics Workspace 74

In the most recent update, Planning Analytics Workspace 74, IBM has added a number of great items.  You can see the list below.

  •  Windows 2019 Support (Local only) – For more information - Install Planning Analytics Workspace Local on Windows Server 2019 - IBM Documentation.
  • Add a view by dragging it from the data tree.  In the data tree, expand the cube that contains the data you want to use.  Select the view that you want to add and drag it on to a cube viewer (new or classic).  If you drag a view on a cube viewer that is not empty, you can either replace the existing view with the new one, or add the view as a new widget.
  • Apply text styles to axis labels in visualizations.
text styles to axis labels in visualizations
  •  Color pallets for conditional formatting now available.
  • Border lines and zebra stripes now available for explorations.  Find in properties.

Border Lines -

Border Lines In Planning Analytics Workspace 74

Zebra Stripes -

Zebra Stripes in Planning Analytics Workspace 74
  •  Updated Rules editor.  Like the process editor update in version 73, Planning Analytics Version 74 updates the rules editor to be more in line with the look and feel of other areas of Planning Analytics.


As you can read Planning Analytics version 73 and Planning Analytics version 74 added a number of new features and even Windows Server 2019 support.  To see a list of all new versions of Planning Analytics check this out. 

What's new in Planning Analytics Workspace - IBM Documentation

Did you know that some versions of Planning Analytics are reaching end of life?  Read more here - IBM Planning Analytics Versions Are End of Life - Lodestar Solutions.

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If you have any questions or need some help upgrading, please reach out to me at services@lodestarsolutions.com.

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