What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 75 and 76

What's New in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace 75 and 76
Written by Mike Bernaiche, May 19th 2022

Typically, once a month, IBM updates Planning Analytics Workspace.  In April version 75 was released and the most recent version is Planning Analytics Workspace 76, released in May 2022.  Both of these updates bring some new features, enhancements and depreciation of certain items.  Please read below for the full details of both recent releases.  Please note that each update is cumulative.  Upgrading to Planning Analytics Workspace version 76 will add all features in previous versions.

Planning Analytics Workspace 75

  • Display parents, children or leaves for selected members – the new experience set editor now allows you to show parents, children or leaves for selected members.
planning analytics workspace 75 set editor
  • Update to predictive forecasting service – additional capabilities added for outlier and detection and correction, meaning more accurate predictive forecasting.
  • Adjust for outliers in your forecast – click adjust outliers button to adjust.
adjust outliers in your forecast
forecast preview
  • Cube creation – cubes can now only be created in the modeling workbench.
  • Add variable in TI process editor – up until now PA automatically created variables based on the number of columns in the data source.  You can now add more variables to the process.
  • Search and filter on hierarchies – now have an option to search and filter hierarchies.
  • Depreciation notice on editing processes – Starting with version 78 all processes must be created and edited in the modeling workbench.

Planning Analytics Workspace 76

  • Custom theme for Planning Analytics Workspace - You can now create and upload a custom theme to reflect your corporate branding in Planning Analytics Workspace. You can use a theme to modify the colors of the application bar and the navigation bar, set the corporate name shown on the home page, and specify an image to display on the home page.
  • Send email notification when step in a plan is opened – send an email notification to user when you open a step in your plan created in Planning Analytics Workspace 76.
Email notification in planning analytics workspace 76
  • Create control objects in Modeling Workbench – you can now create control objects for cubes, dimensions and processes in the modeling workbench.
Create control objects in Modeling Workbench
  • Preview additional rows in the TI process editor – a button has been added to preview more rows of data when creating a TI process.
  • Sort members in new experience set editor – option to now sort available members in set editor ascending or descending.
  • Delete sets from new experience set editor – previously you could only delete sets from the data tree.  You can now delete sets from the new experience set editor.
Experience Set Editor in Planning Analytics Workspace 76
  • Cell comments updated with new look – cell comments have been updated to review comments in an easier way.
  • Enhanced search features – you can now search by using “match all of the following” or “match any of the following”.
  • Customize the color or background of data and header cells – you can now use the extensive color pallet to customize the color of data rows or headers to provide a better look and feel for your data.  This can be found in the visualization properties under custom.
  • Updated design for data spread options – IBM is working hard to standardize the look and feel in the entire Planning Analytics Workspace experience.  In Planning Analytics Workspace 76, they have updated the spread options look and feel.
Spread Data Options in Planning Analytics Workspace 76


As you can read Planning Analytics version 75 and Planning Analytics version 76 added a number of new features.  To see all of the details please check out 2.0.76 - What's new, May 5, 2022 - IBM Documentation and 2.0.75 - What's new, April 7, 2022 - IBM Documentation.

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If you have any questions or need some help upgrading, please reach out to me at services@lodestarsolutions.com.

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