What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 94

What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace 94
Written by Mike Bernaiche, April 4th, 2024

If you are using the AI forecast option in Planning Analytics, then you will love Planning Analytics Workspace 94 update.  Multivariate forecasting is now available plus several other enhancements that you are sure to love. Below I will outline everything new in Planning Analytics Workspace 94.  For a full list of everything new in Planning Analytics Workspace, including all other versions you can check out this link or the prior blogs listed at the bottom. 

Books and Reporting

Create Multivariate Forecast – Before Planning Analytics Workspace 94, the user could only create a forecast based on a single variable (univariate).  With Workspace 94, the user can now create a forecast based on multiple variables.  A multivariate forecast takes into consideration multiple time-dependent variables. The forecast model looks not only at historical data but also at the dependencies between the specified variables to create a forecast. The selected variables play a significant role in driving the forecast results. Therefore, it is important to select variables that have a high correlation with the historical data.

Please note if your data is highly seasonal, then univariate forecasting is recommended.

Univariate and Multivariate in PAW 94

Field Panel in Exploration – Select an exploration and go to Fields to open the fields settings. Dimensions that are in the Context area of the exploration appear under Filters in the Fields panel. You can drag dimensions from Filters to the Row and Column fields.

Click the More icon next to a dimension in the Row or Column field to edit the set, remove the hierarchy, create a subset calculation (set consolidations), and customize sets. You can also add a Selector list, Selector tile, or an Advanced Selector widget to the book from this menu.

Field Panel in Exploration

New Format Manager for Cube Views

The new Format manager is subject to enablement by a Planning Analytics Workspace administrator. If an administrator does not explicitly enable the new Format manager feature, all cube viewer formatting options remain in their existing locations until the enablement release for this feature.  To enable click this link

New Format Manager for Cube Views
New Format Manager for Cube Views 2

Plans and Applications

Open a Specific Tab in Books - To specify a default tab, make a selection under the new Default tab option on the Assets page when you attach a book to a section or a task.  Get your users where they need to be quicker and more accurately by using this great new feature.

Open a Specific Tab in Books in PAW 94


Change Multiple Parameter Types in Process Editor -   You can now change multiple parameter types by clicking each of them.  This can help the modeler save time when address parameter changes.

Change Multiple Parameter Types in Process Editor in PAW 94


Support for Planning Analytics Workspace (local) on Microsoft Server 2016 ends in 2024 –   please see this link for more information. 


Good stuff arrived in Planning Analytics Workspace 94.  I can’t wait to work with our clients on the addition of multivariate forecasting.  I love the fields panel and the ability to set formats for cube views.  Stay tuned, I know some additional enhancements are coming that you will love! 

Quick question before I sign off.  When was the last time you upgraded Planning Analytics Workspace or Planning Analytics for Excel?  Reach out to me and discuss your environment.  We have some excellent upgrade bundles that can help you save time and money and get you updated quickly!  You can reach me at services@lodestarsolutions.com.

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