What’s New in Planning Analytics Workspace Version 61 and 62

What's New in Planning Analytics Workspace Version 61 and 62
Written by Mike Bernaiche on April 23rd, 2021

IBM continues to release updates every 30 to 60 days for Planning Analytics Workspace.  In February, version 61 was released and in March version 62 was released.  These updates provide a number of new enhancements, fixes and improvements.  Welcome back strategic impact maps for metrics!

Below, I will talk about some of the major items that have been added or changed in both versions.  Bottom line, you should upgrade your Planning Analytics Workspace to version 62 as soon as possible.

Planning Analytics Workspace 61

Cloud Updates

Create TM1 Database – cloud users can now create a TM1 Database from the administration area.  Previously you would need to submit a ticket to IBM to have a database created. 

Welcome Kit Change - The security mode 1 "admin" username and password for each TM1 database are no longer included in the Welcome Kit for Planning Analytics on Cloud.  This change reduces the size of the Welcome Kit and eliminates the need to regenerate and distribute the kit after each request to create, rename, or delete a TM1 database.  When a database is created, a randomly generated password is set for the security mode 1 "admin" username. If you need to use the admin user, administrators can set a new password by using the AssignClientPassword TM1 function.

60 Min Inactivity Timeout for Workspace – 60 min is static and can’t be modified.  User needs to make sure they save or log off within the 60 min.

Updates for Both Local and Cloud

Forecasting - As of SC61 Planning Analytics Workspace supports the preview of nested dimensions. Planning Analytics Workspace can now render a preview with nested dimensions.  In the following case, jeans is selected for preview and Preview is enabled.

Sear at Node Level in Data Tree - To make it easier to locate an object within a long list of items in the data tree, you can now search at the node level in the tree.

Reset Sandbox - You can now reset data in a sandbox with a single click.  Click the Sandbox discard button to discard all data changes since your last commit action.

Planning Analytics Workspace 62

Version 62 added more valuable enhancements including the return of metric impact visualizations.

Cloud Updates

Delete TM1 Database – You can now delete a TM1 database through the administration area of workspace.  You no longer need to submit a ticket to IBM.  Note, the database directory is not deleted.

Updates for Both Local and Cloud

Scroll Through all Objects in Datatree – you no longer have to click “load more,” all items are visible by default now.

Hide Totals in Visualization – new hide totals button to enable or disable totals.

Metric Visualizations –

  • Impact – Shows the positive and negative impacts in your metrics.
  • History – Shows a column chart of data for a metric.  By default, it compares the actual value against the target value for each time period, and indicates whether the result is within an accepted tolerance.
  • Process – Shows metrics in the context of process flow.
  • Region – Shows performance across geographies on a map overlay.
  • Strategy Map - Tracks business performance by perspectives, objectives, and metrics.
Strategy Map 1
Strategy Map 2

Create Calculations on Stacked Rows and Columns –

See below.

Stacked Rows and Columns

Summary on What's New in Planning Analytics Workspace

As you can see there are a number of fantastic enhancements in both version 61 and 62 of Planning Analytics Workspace.  I highly suggest you plan to upgrade Planning Analytics Workspace as quickly as you are able.  If you need help upgrading you can reach out to us at services@lodestarsolutions.com.  For even more detailed info on what is new in Planning Analytics Workspace you can see everything here

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