Why is TM1 Slow?

TM1 Slow

Are you a TM1 user and frustrated with the speed? Are your perspective reports extremely slow? Does opening a cube view take forever? WTH this is 2020, why is TM1 slow?

TM1 Speed

There are several reasons that could cause your TM1 system to be slow. Everything from feeder issues to system issues. The first question I need to ask when you state your TM1 is slow is, “Are you using old technology?”  Many IBM TM1 clients complain about issues but are running an old, often unsupported version of TM1.  (TM1 10.2 not supported)

Planning Analytics PAX Built for Speed

The latest version of IBM Cognos Planning Analytics is designed to solve many problems you may be experiencing with a slow TM1 system! For example, Perspectives is old and slow. We know this. That is why IBM created Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX). Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel reports are designed to work even in a wide area network environment, without the need for Citrix. With PAX some features are optimized to reduce network traffic and improve performance on wide area networks. 

See the IBM Blog, The benefits of using Planning Analytics for Excel over TM1 Perspectives. 

Formatting with PAX

PAX also has a lot of cool new functionality like formatting. Imagine being able to update formatting on a report with ease so subtotals are a different font or levels are a certain color. PAX not only can help with processing speed, but it speeds up your work with features to make you more efficient too. Check out this video to see how you can make your reports look amazing with a few mouse clicks.

TMI Multi-Threading for Speed

Have you ever wondered why your CPU usage is never near 100% when you have a large number of processors? And yet, you have a lot of cores available for TM1 but reports and views are slow. Well, maybe you have not leveraged Multi-Threading.  TM1 Multi-threaded Queries allow TM1 to automatically load balance your application.  It splits the queries to process on a separate core allowing the model to leverage all the processors available.  The result, TM1 is faster and more efficient when running large queries and rules.  For more information on TM1 Multi-threading click here.

When is Now a Good Time for Planning Analytics?

What are you waiting for? If you are on 10.x version of TM1 you are on an unsupported version. This is dangerous because if Microsoft sends an update it could break your Perspectives and IBM will not be obligated to help. How would you feel if perspectives broke during your budget process? Stressed?

You do not have to tolerate slow and you don’t have to risk being unsupported.

Call Lodestar Solutions today and let’s chat about planning your TM1 upgrade! First, Lodestar Solutions will discover your challenges and goals, then we will create a plan that considers your budget and timelines. For some that means just migrating to a supported version of Planning Analytics, while others may want to discuss a model redesign.  (See our blog).  But Lodestar does more than just plan and help with your TM1 upgrade.  If you are struggling to get executives to fund your TM1 upgrade, do not worry we have a process that can help you secure the funding and resources you need to succeed. For more information on what it costs to upgrade see our blog, What does it cost to upgrade from TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics? 

You work hard and deserve the latest version of TM1, Planning Analytics.  Time to stop suffering.  You now know the answer to “Why is TM1 Slow?”  Now take the first step to solve it and contact Lodestar Solutions today via email services@lodestarsolutions.com or call 813-415-2910.

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