Year-End Values on IBM Analytics Licenses (Cognos, Planning Analytics)

Written by Heather L. Cole on December 1st, 2021

Are you an IBM Analytics client that might need more licensing?  Well, it’s that time of year when software companies like IBM are scrambling to make or break their sales numbers.  What does that mean for you?  Year-End Values on IBM Analytics Licenses.

But like any good year-end sales promotion, you need to know where to shop and when to shop to get the best value!  So, Lodestar Solutions is going to gift you the knowledge of how to get the best value on your IBM Cognos or IBM Planning Analytics software.   

Year-End IBM Analytics Licenses Deals

Why Buy IBM Analytics Licenses for your Team?

 Before we share the secrets to when and where to buy your IBM Analytics licenses let’s talk about why you should buy them now.  Your organization has committed to becoming more analytically astute, haven’t they?  We want to empower people in all departments to leverage data wisely and efficiently.  But to do this they need the right tools! 

Stop Using Outdated Analytic Tools

Stop Using the Wrong Tools for Analytics

Too many organizations are still relying on outdated tools to handle their analytics, scenario modeling and budgeting.  Don’t get me wrong I love Excel, but if you want to get massive results and identify opportunities quickly, you need a more robust solution.  As I tell our clients, using Excel for scenario modeling is like mowing your yard with a weed whacker.

Talent will Quit if They Don’t Have the Right Tools for Their Job

But here’s the bigger concern!  The Great Resignation is real! (See our previous blog on Finances and The Great Resignation.) If you give your team subpar tools to accomplish their jobs, make them work long hours when updated tools like IBM Planning Analytics could cut their work time in half, they will quit.  That’s right, talented team members are no longer accepting work environments that don’t provide the right tools to efficiently do their jobs.

When to Buy IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Licenses 

I mentioned earlier that there are Year-End Values on IBM Analytics Licenses.  The reason is that IBM is a publicly traded company that must report earnings to Wall Street.  So, like almost every software company that has a fiscal year end of December they give special deals at the end of the year.  Additionally, for some clients they have a use it or lose it budget rule, so if you have extra funds you want to use them.  Finally, we anticipate that the cost of software for next year will be higher.  Isn’t everything more expensive?  Therefore, December is a fabulous month to buy software. 

However, don’t wait too long!  For IBM to approve a great discount, it must go through a few layers of approval and that takes time.  Additionally, December is a vacation and time off month for everyone.  So, if you wait too long to get the quote, your own purchasing people might not be around to issue the PO.

So, I recommend you identify the licensing you will need in early December and request a quote.  When you get the official quote, don’t waste time, generate the PO so you don’t get caught under a sea of out of office messages.

Where to Buy IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Licenses 

IBM Partners Can Add More Value

IBM sells their licensing directly or through 3rd party software resellers like Lodestar Solutions.  Your natural instinct might be to go directly to IBM, thinking you will save money.  But this is not the case!  IBM authorized resellers can offer you the exact same price as IBM, but sometimes they throw in some extra services or goodies.  For example, clients that purchase licenses and renewals from Lodestar Solutions are invited to our private user group that is just for our clients where we share inside secrets on the technology and network with peers.  Additionally, we offer complimentary license reviews and quarterly client check in calls.

More importantly, Lodestar Solutions, focuses on putting you in the optimal licensing mix for your current and future needs.  This sometimes means changing your licensing model which can be a complex process that we specialize in. 

Take Action!

You know it’s the best time to buy IBM Analytics licenses!  You know where to buy them, Lodestar Solutions.  So, the next step to realize year-end values on IBM Analytics Licenses is to contact us at or 813-415-2910 and let’s explore how you can give the gift of IBM Cognos Analytics to your team this year.

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